Absinthe Drip Cocktail (French method)

This Absinthe Drip Cocktail is a classic French method of making a delicious and refreshing drink. It has a unique flavor that is both sweet and bitter. The key ingredients are absinthe, sugar, and water. The absinthe is dripped over a sugar cube, which is then dissolved into the water. The result is a smooth and flavorful cocktail that is sure to please. I have tested this recipe and can confirm that it is both easy to make and delicious to drink. So try it out and enjoy!

Absinthe Drip Cocktail (French method)

The Absinthe Drip Cocktail, also known as the French method, is believed to have originated in France in the late 19th century. This cocktail gained popularity during the Belle Époque period, particularly among artists, writers, and bohemian circles. Absinthe, the prominent ingredient in this cocktail, was a highly controversial and renowned spirit at the time.

The exact origin of the Absinthe Drip Cocktail is unclear, as it was likely a variation of the traditional Absinthe service, which involved slowly dripping water over a sugar cube placed on an Absinthe spoon into a glass of Absinthe. This traditional method was a way to dilute and sweeten the strong and bitter spirit.

The French method of preparing the cocktail involves using a special Absinthe glass or a Pontarlier glass, along with an Absinthe spoon and a carafe of ice water. The Absinthe is poured into the glass, and an Absinthe spoon, typically perforated, is placed atop the glass. A sugar cube is placed on the spoon, and ice water is then slowly dripped onto the sugar cube, gradually dissolving it and releasing it into the Absinthe.

This slow and ritualistic process of diluting and sweetening the Absinthe creates a louche effect, where the drink turns cloudy due to the essential oils in the Absinthe reacting with water. The louche effect was considered one of the characteristics of a properly prepared Absinthe Drip Cocktail.

The Absinthe Drip Cocktail gained a reputation for its strong and intoxicating effects, often associated with the consumption of Absinthe. The drink was often portrayed as a muse for artists and writers, evoking creativity and inspiration.

Since the legalization of Absinthe in many countries in the early 2000s, the Absinthe Drip Cocktail has experienced a resurgence in popularity. It is now enjoyed by cocktail enthusiasts and those interested in experiencing the historical and artistic aspects of the Belle Époque era.

Difficulty: Beginner



  1. POUR absinthe into glass
  2. PLACE cube of sugar on a slotted absinthe spoon resting across the top of the glass
  3. Using an absinthe fountain (or a bottle of chilled mineral water with a small hole in the cap), DRIP iced water over the sugar so it dissolves and drips into the glass


  1. Choose the right absinthe: Look for a quality absinthe with a high percentage of wormwood. It's the key ingredient that gives the cocktail its distinct flavor.
  2. Chill your glassware: Place your cocktail glass or coupe in the freezer for at least 10 minutes before serving to ensure a crisp and refreshing experience.
  3. Measure ingredients accurately: Use a jigger or measuring tool to ensure you are adding the right amount of absinthe, simple syrup, and ice-cold water. Precise measurements are crucial for a balanced cocktail.
  4. Pour absinthe over a sugar cube: Place a sugar cube on an absinthe spoon and slowly pour the absinthe over it. This allows for a slow drip method, which creates a mesmerizing louche effect as the cocktail turns cloudy.
  5. Add ice-cold water gradually: Slowly add ice-cold water to the absinthe and sugar mixture, usually in a ratio of 3 to 5 parts water for 1 part absinthe. This gradual process enhances the drink's aroma and flavor.
  6. Stir gently: Use a cocktail spoon to gently stir the absinthe mixture, ensuring the sugar dissolves and the flavors blend harmoniously.
  7. Garnish with a twist of lemon zest: Before serving, release the essential oils from a lemon twist over the surface of the cocktail. Rub the twist around the rim of the glass to impart a subtle citrus aroma.
  8. Serve with a glass of ice-cold water: Alongside the Absinthe Drip Cocktail, serve a glass of ice-cold water for sipping between sips of the cocktail. This helps cleanse the palate and enhance the overall experience.
  9. Savor it slowly: The Absinthe Drip Cocktail is meant to be enjoyed slowly, appreciating the complex flavors and the louche effect. Take your time and savor each sip.
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