Ambrosia is a refreshing and delicious cocktail that will tantalize your taste buds. Made with a combination of vodka, orange liqueur, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice, this cocktail is a perfect blend of sweet and tart flavors. The vodka adds a smooth and mellow flavor, while the orange liqueur provides a subtle citrusy note. The pineapple and cranberry juices add a fruity sweetness that is balanced by the tartness of the cranberry juice. Enjoy this delicious cocktail with friends and family for a truly divine experience.


Ambrosia is a refreshing and delightful cocktail whose origin is unknown. It doesn't have a well-documented history or a specific region of origin. However, it is believed to have emerged sometime in the twentieth century.

Many cocktail enthusiasts speculate that the Ambrosia cocktail draws its name and inspiration from Greek mythology. In Greek mythology, ambrosia is often referred to as the nectar of the gods, imparting immortality and divine powers to those who consume it.

While the exact origin and creator of the Ambrosia cocktail remain a mystery, it has gained popularity among cocktail enthusiasts and bartenders alike. It embodies a harmonious blend of flavors that bring a sense of heavenly delight to the drinker.

Despite its unclear origins, the Ambrosia cocktail continues to be enjoyed by many, with variations and adaptations popping up in different cocktail menus around the world. Its heavenly name and refreshing taste make it an appealing choice for those seeking a divine and satisfying libation.

Difficulty: Beginner



  1. SHAKE first 4 ingredients with ice and strain into glass, TOP with champagne.


1. Use fresh ingredients: Fresh fruits, herbs, and juices create a vibrant and flavorful cocktail. 2. Choose high-quality spirits: High-quality spirits are the backbone of any great cocktail. Opt for your favorite top-shelf brands. 3. Balance the flavors: It's important to achieve a good balance between sweet, sour, and bitter flavors in your cocktail. Experiment with different ratios until you find the perfect harmony. 4. Use the right glassware: Appropriate glassware not only enhances the visual appeal but also affects the taste and aroma of the drink. Choose the glass that compliments the cocktail. 5. Incorporate homemade syrups: Homemade syrups add depth and complexity to your cocktails. Experiment with different flavors such as simple syrup, honey syrup, or infused syrups. 6. Don't forget the garnish: Give your cocktail an extra touch by adding a decorative and flavorful garnish. Consider citrus peels, herbs, or even edible flowers. 7. Shake or stir properly: For cocktails with citrus or juice components, shake them with ice in a cocktail shaker to mix and chill. For spirit-forward cocktails, stir them gently with ice to maintain a silky texture. 8. Experiment with different techniques: Incorporate interesting techniques like muddling, layering, or even smoking. These techniques can elevate your cocktail and make it more unique and memorable. 9. Perfect the presentation: Pay attention to the presentation of your cocktail. Serve it in a clean and well-decorated glass, ensuring it looks as appealing as it tastes. 10. Taste and adjust: Always taste your cocktail before serving. If it's too strong, add a bit more mixer or ice. If it's too weak, adjust the spirit ratio accordingly. Keep tweaking until you achieve the perfect balance.
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