The Beachcomber is a refreshing summer cocktail that will transport you to the beach. It's made with vodka, lime juice, simple syrup, and orange juice. The combination of the sweet and sour flavors creates a perfect balance that will make you feel like you're on vacation. The lime juice gives it a tartness that is complemented by the sweetness of the orange juice and simple syrup. The vodka adds a smoothness that rounds out the flavor. Enjoy the Beachcomber and feel like you're on the beach!


The origin of the Beachcomber cocktail is somewhat unclear.

Some claim that it was created in the 1940s by Tony Ramos, a bartender at the Beachcomber Café in Waikiki, Hawaii. It was said to be a refreshing tropical drink that became popular among beachgoers and tourists.

However, others argue that the Beachcomber cocktail actually predates Ramos and originated in the Caribbean. They claim that it was a concoction made by local beachcombers who would mix rum, citrus juices, and tropical flavors they found on the islands.

Despite the debate over its true origin, the Beachcomber cocktail has become a classic tropical drink enjoyed by many. It embodies the spirit of island living and is often associated with warm sandy beaches and palm trees.

Regardless of its exact history, the Beachcomber cocktail has stood the test of time and continues to be a popular choice for those seeking a taste of the tropics.

Difficulty: Beginner



  1. SHAKE all ingredients with ice and fine strain into chilled glass.


  1. Choose quality ingredients: Use fresh and high-quality spirits, juices, and garnishes to create a better-tasting cocktail.
  2. Measure accurately: Invest in a good jigger or measuring tool to ensure you use the correct proportions of ingredients. A well-balanced cocktail is key to a great drink.
  3. Mix with care: Stir or shake your cocktail properly depending on the recipe. Stirring is ideal when using spirits only, while shaking with ice is recommended for drinks with citrus juices or cream ingredients.
  4. Chill your glassware: Before pouring your cocktail, chill your glass by placing it in the freezer or filling it with ice water. This helps keep your drink colder for longer.
  5. Garnish thoughtfully: Choose the right garnish for your Beachcomber cocktail. For example, a slice of lime, a pineapple wedge, or a cocktail umbrella can elevate its appearance and add an extra touch of flavor.
  6. Experiment: Don't be afraid to add your own twist to the recipe. Adjust the sweetness, add a splash of bitters, or introduce a unique ingredient to make the cocktail truly your own.
  7. Serve with style: The presentation of your Beachcomber cocktail is essential. Use a clean glass, wipe off any drips, and use a cocktail pick or straw to create an appealing drink.
  8. Taste and adjust: Before serving the cocktail, give it a taste test. If it's too strong, dilute it with a splash of soda or more juice. Conversely, if it's too weak, add a bit more spirit or citrus for balance.
  9. Enjoy responsibly: Finally, when serving the Beachcomber cocktail, remind your guests to drink responsibly and savor the flavors in moderation.
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