Blue Star

This cocktail is a star in the making! Blue Star is a light and refreshing drink made with vodka, blue curaçao, and cranberry juice. The vodka provides a smooth and mellow base, while the blue curaçao adds a sweet and tart flavor. The cranberry juice adds a hint of tartness and a beautiful deep blue color. Enjoy this delicious cocktail with friends and family for a special occasion or just to relax and enjoy the moment.

Blue Star

Blue Star is a modern cocktail that has gained popularity in recent years. It is a vibrant blue-colored drink that is visually appealing and refreshing. While the exact origin of the Blue Star cocktail is uncertain, it is believed to have been created as a variation of the classic Blue Hawaiian cocktail.

The Blue Hawaiian cocktail, which originated in Hawaii in the 1950s, is made with rum, blue curaçao liqueur, pineapple juice, and coconut cream. The Blue Star cocktail builds upon this base but adds a few additional ingredients to enhance the flavors.

The combination of flavors in the Blue Star cocktail creates a harmonious balance between the sweetness of the tropical fruit juices, the subtle hints of coconut, and the boldness of the blue curaçao liqueur. The vibrant blue color of the drink adds an element of fun and excitement, making it a popular choice for parties and social gatherings.

Although the Blue Star cocktail does not have a definitive origin story, it has quickly gained popularity in bars and restaurants around the world. Bartenders and mixologists have put their own spins on the recipe, adding their unique twists to enhance the taste and presentation.

Whether you're enjoying a beach vacation or looking to add a splash of color to your evening, the Blue Star cocktail is a delightful choice that is sure to impress your taste buds and leave a lasting impression.

Difficulty: Beginner



  1. SHAKE all ingredients with ice and fine strain into chilled glass.


1. Choose high-quality ingredients for your Blue Star cocktail. Using fresh fruits, premium spirits, and top-notch mixers will elevate the overall taste and appearance of your drink. 2. Pay attention to the measurements of each ingredient. Precision is key when crafting the perfect cocktail. Use a jigger or measuring cup to ensure accurate quantities and ratios. 3. Don't skip the ice. Ice not only chills your cocktail but also helps incorporate the flavors and dilutes the drink slightly, creating a well-balanced taste. Use cubed or crushed ice, as the recipe recommends. 4. If the Blue Star cocktail recipe calls for shaking, make sure to shake it vigorously. This helps mix the ingredients thoroughly and creates a smooth texture. Shake for about 10-15 seconds or until the shaker feels cold to the touch. 5. Taste as you go. Adjust the flavors of your Blue Star cocktail to suit your preference. If it's too tart, add a touch of sweetness with simple syrup or agave nectar. If it's too strong, add more mixer or a splash of sparkling water. 6. Garnish it right. The presentation is just as important as the taste. Consider garnishing your Blue Star cocktail with a slice of citrus, a sprig of herbs, or a colorful straw. This not only adds visual appeal but also enhances the aroma and taste. 7. Serve in appropriate glassware. Use a chilled coupe or martini glass for an elegant touch, or opt for a highball glass if you want a more casual feel. The right glassware can enhance the overall drinking experience. 8. Experiment and make it your own. Feel free to add your own twist to the Blue Star cocktail. Whether it's a splash of another fruit juice, a dash of bitters, or a unique garnish, don't be afraid to get creative and personalize the recipe to your liking. Remember, practice makes perfect. Each time you prepare a Blue Star cocktail, pay attention to the details and make note of what you like and what you'd like to tweak. With time and experience, you'll become a pro at making this delicious cocktail. Enjoy!
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