El Presidente

El Presidente is a classic Cuban-style cocktail made with white rum, dry vermouth, curaçao, and grenadine. It's a smooth and sophisticated drink that's perfect for any occasion. The rum adds a sweet and slightly smoky flavor, while the dry vermouth provides a dry and herbal note. The curaçao adds a hint of orange and the grenadine adds a touch of sweetness. All combined, El Presidente is a delicious and refreshing cocktail that's sure to please.

El Presidente

El Presidente is a classic cocktail that originated in Cuba during the early 20th century. Its exact origins and creator are unclear, but it is believed to have been created sometime between the 1910s and 1920s. This cocktail gained popularity as the drink of choice among Havana's elite and political leaders.

The name "El Presidente" pays homage to the powerful presidency of Mario García Menocal, who served as the President of Cuba from 1913 to 1921. During his presidency, Cuba experienced a period of economic growth and political stability, which contributed to the rise of Havana as a popular destination for wealthy Americans seeking leisure and entertainment.

The El Presidente cocktail became synonymous with the sophisticated and cosmopolitan lifestyle of Havana's upper class. It was commonly served in the city's elegant bars, hotels, and social clubs, where wealthy patrons gathered to socialize and indulge in Cuban rum-based cocktails.

The exact recipe for the El Presidente cocktail has evolved over time, with variations and adaptations being introduced by different bartenders and mixologists. The classic version of this cocktail typically includes equal parts of light rum and dry vermouth, a dash of orange curaçao, and a few dashes of grenadine. The concoction is stirred with ice and strained into a chilled cocktail glass, then garnished with an orange twist or cherry.

Despite its early popularity, the El Presidente cocktail gradually fell out of favor with the decline of Cuba's political and economic stability. The Prohibition era in the United States and the subsequent Cuban Revolution in the mid-20th century further diminished the drink's prominence.

However, in recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in classic cocktails, including the El Presidente. Bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts have rediscovered this flavorful and elegant drink, reviving its popularity and introducing modern variations to suit contemporary tastes.

Difficulty: Beginner



  1. STIR all ingredients with ice and strain into chilled glass.


  1. Use quality ingredients: The success of your El Presidente cocktail relies on the quality of the ingredients you choose. Opt for high-quality rum, vermouth, and orange liqueur, as they will significantly impact the taste and overall experience.
  2. Measure accurately: Precision is key in cocktail making. Use a jigger or a measuring cup to ensure accurate measurements for each ingredient. This will help maintain the perfect balance and harmony of flavors in your El Presidente.
  3. Don't skip the vermouth: The vermouth plays a crucial role in adding depth and complexity to the El Presidente cocktail. Make sure to include it in your recipe and don't skip or substitute it with another ingredient.
  4. Chill your glassware: Before preparing your El Presidente cocktail, chill your glassware in the freezer for a few minutes. This will help keep your cocktail colder for longer and enhance the overall drinking experience.
  5. Stir, don't shake: Unlike many other cocktails, the El Presidente is traditionally stirred rather than shaken. Stirring gently and consistently will help blend the ingredients without introducing excessive dilution.
  6. Garnish with flair: Aesthetics often enhance the overall enjoyment of a cocktail. Consider garnishing your El Presidente with a twist of orange peel, a maraschino cherry, or something creative to add a visually pleasing touch.
  7. Taste and adjust: After preparing your El Presidente, take a moment to taste it before serving. If needed, you can slightly adjust the proportions of the ingredients to better suit your personal preference.
  8. Enjoy responsibly: Lastly, savor your El Presidente cocktail responsibly. Drink in moderation and appreciate the flavors and craftsmanship behind the drink. As always, enjoy alcoholic beverages responsibly and never drink and drive.
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