Estilo Viejo

Estilo Viejo is a unique and refreshing cocktail that will bring a taste of the old style to your taste buds. The combination of tequila, lime juice, orange juice, and agave syrup creates a sweet and sour flavor that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. The tequila adds a kick of spice that is balanced by the sweetness of the agave syrup. The orange juice and lime juice add a hint of citrus that is sure to make you come back for more. Try Estilo Viejo for a unique and delicious cocktail experience.

Estilo Viejo

The cocktail Estilo Viejo has a rich and intriguing history that dates back many years. It is said to have originated in Mexico, specifically in the region of Jalisco, which is renowned for its tequila production.

Although there is no definitive account of the exact origin of Estilo Viejo, it is believed to have been influenced by the traditional Mexican drink called "Paloma," which combines tequila and grapefruit soda. Estilo Viejo, however, puts a unique twist on this classic by incorporating additional ingredients and flavors.

The name "Estilo Viejo" translates to "Old Style" in English, and it is a nod to the traditional methods and ingredients used in the cocktail's creation. It is a testament to the timeless appeal of tequila-based drinks and the enduring popularity of Mexican cocktails.

Estilo Viejo exemplifies the vibrant and robust flavors associated with Mexican cuisine and culture. The combination of tequila, citrus juices, and sweet undertones creates a refreshing and invigorating drink that is often enjoyed on hot summer days or as a festive beverage during celebrations and gatherings.

Despite its popularity in Mexico, Estilo Viejo has gained recognition and popularity worldwide, especially in establishments that specialize in tequila-based cocktails. Bartenders and mixologists have embraced the versatility of this drink, experimenting with different variations and adding their own creative twists.

Today, Estilo Viejo continues to be cherished for its complex yet balanced flavors and its ability to transport drinkers to the sun-drenched beaches and lively cantinas of Mexico. Whether enjoyed straight up or on the rocks, this tequila-based cocktail remains a beloved choice for those seeking a taste of Mexican flair.

Difficulty: Beginner



  1. STIR all ingredients with ice and strain into pre-chilled ice-filled glass.


Tips for Preparing a Better Estilo Viejo Cocktail:

  1. Choose Quality Ingredients: Start with high-quality spirits, fresh fruits, and premium mixers to enhance the flavor of your Estilo Viejo cocktail.
  2. Measure Accurately: Use a jigger or measuring tool to ensure precise measurements of each ingredient, maintaining a well-balanced and consistent cocktail.
  3. Muddle with Care: When muddling fruits or herbs, apply gentle pressure to release flavors without over mashing or breaking the ingredients.
  4. Garnish Creatively: Use garnishes that complement the flavors of the Estilo Viejo cocktail. Citrus twists, mint sprigs, or a dash of cinnamon can add visual appeal and an extra layer of aroma.
  5. Experiment with Ice: Play around with different types of ice, such as large cubes or crushed ice, to achieve the desired level of dilution and temperature for your cocktail.
  6. Stir or Shake Properly: Different cocktails require different mixing techniques. Stirring ensures a smooth and elegantly blended cocktail, while shaking introduces aeration and creates a more vibrant and frothy drink.
  7. Taste before Serving: Always taste your cocktail before serving to ensure it meets your desired flavor profile. Adjust sweetness, acidity, or strength if needed.
  8. Proper Glassware: Serve the Estilo Viejo cocktail in appropriate glassware that showcases its colors and aromas while allowing enough space for ice and garnishes.
  9. Preparation in Advance: Some recipes allow for pre-batching or preparing mixtures in advance. This can help you save time during gatherings and ensure consistent quality throughout.
  10. Enjoy Responsibly: Remember to drink responsibly and be mindful of the alcohol content in your Estilo Viejo cocktail. Always respect legal drinking ages and never drink and drive.
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