Hawaiian Eye

The Hawaiian Eye is a tropical and refreshing cocktail that will take you away to a paradise. It's a blend of pineapple juice, coconut rum, and orange juice, topped with a splash of grenadine. It's a sweet and sour mix that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. The beautiful colors of the drink will make it a great addition to any summer gathering. Enjoy a Hawaiian Eye and let the vacation begin!

Hawaiian Eye

- The Hawaiian Eye cocktail is a tropical concoction that captures the spirit of the Hawaiian islands. Its origins, however, remain somewhat elusive. While there is no concrete evidence linking the cocktail to a specific time or place, it is believed to have emerged in the mid-20th century during the rise of tiki culture.

- Tiki culture, with its vibrant and exotic flavors, gained popularity in the United States in the 1930s and 1940s, inspired by the fascination with Polynesian culture and the allure of the South Pacific. The Hawaiian Eye cocktail is often associated with this era when tiki bars and tropical-themed drinks became all the rage.

- The name "Hawaiian Eye" may have been influenced by the television show of the same name that aired from 1959 to 1963. The series was set in Hawaii and featured a private detective as its protagonist, capturing the essence of adventure and mystery that the cocktail embodies. It is unclear, however, whether the cocktail was specifically created for or inspired by the show.

- The exact recipe for the Hawaiian Eye cocktail also varies depending on the source. It typically combines tropical fruit juices, such as pineapple and orange, with rum and other spirits for a refreshing and fruity taste. Some variations may include additional ingredients like grenadine or coconut cream to enhance the flavor and create a more layered experience.

- Despite the lack of a documented origin, the Hawaiian Eye cocktail has become a staple in tiki bars and tropical-themed establishments around the world. It evokes the image of swaying palm trees, sandy beaches, and sun-drenched afternoons, allowing enthusiasts to escape to a tropical paradise with a single sip. So whether it was born out of a specific event or simply the collective imagination of cocktail enthusiasts, the Hawaiian Eye remains a beloved and popular drink associated with the allure of the Hawaiian islands.

Difficulty: Beginner



  1. BLEND all ingredients with 6oz scoop of crushed ice
  2. Serve with sustainable straws


  1. Use fresh ingredients: Start by using fresh fruits, such as pineapple and mango, to ensure the cocktail has a vibrant and flavorful taste.
  2. Balance the flavors: Experiment with the ratios of sweet, sour, and bitter elements in the cocktail. Adjust the proportions of fruit juice, citrus juice, and any simple syrup or bitters to find the perfect balance.
  3. Choose quality spirits: Opt for premium spirits, like a good quality rum or vodka, to enhance the overall taste of the cocktail. Avoid using lower quality spirits, as they can negatively impact the flavor profile.
  4. Add a unique twist: Consider adding a unique ingredient to give the cocktail a distinct character. This could be a splash of coconut cream, a hint of ginger, or even a dash of spice, like chili pepper or cinnamon.
  5. Experiment with garnishes: Garnishes can add visual appeal and an extra layer of flavor to the cocktail. Think about adding a slice of fresh fruit, a sprig of mint, or even a colorful umbrella to enhance the presentation and overall experience.
  6. Chill and dilute correctly: Use plenty of ice to chill the cocktail, shaking or stirring it to achieve the right level of dilution. This will help balance the flavors and ensure the drink is refreshing.
  7. Consider glassware: Serve the Hawaiian Eye in an appropriate glass to enhance the drinking experience. A tall Collins or hurricane glass can be ideal for tropical-themed cocktails.
  8. Taste and adjust: Before serving, give the cocktail a taste test to make sure it is perfect. If needed, you can adjust the sweetness, acidity, or strength of the cocktail by adding more fruit juice, citrus, simple syrup, or spirits.
  9. Presentation matters: Finally, take the time to present the cocktail with care. Consider decorative techniques like layering or rimming the glass with sugar or salt to elevate the visual appeal of the drink.
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