Should I Rinse Raw Meat Before Cooking ?

Cooking meat is a staple in many households, but there is often confusion about whether or not to rinse it before cooking. Some believe that rinsing meat is necessary to remove any harmful bacteria and impurities, while others claim that it only spreads those same contaminants to your kitchen surfaces. The truth lies somewhere in between, and in this article, we will explore the pros and cons of rinsing meat before cooking and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Whether you are a seasoned home cook or just starting out, this article will help you understand the implications of rinsing meat and how it can impact the safety, taste, and quality of your meals.

So why shouldn’t meat be washed?

So, you have in your hand a cherished piece of excellent marbled beef, and now let’s break down why those who refuse to wash the meat are right after all.

Washing meat only increases bacterial activity and promotes bacterial growth. If you rinse meat with hot water, you disturb the texture on the surface of the meat, which negatively affects the finished product. This means that wet meat will not roast, but rather stew, losing its flavor and aroma.

If the meat will then go into the freezer, then all the more so it should not be washed with water, as water significantly reduces the shelf life of meat.

Another important point : during washing, water splashes on the sink, countertop, and can also get on nearby products. Including, you can never be sure that those same bacteria are not left on the surface with which the meat came into contact, and that you can wash them all away clean.

In fact, bacteria die perfectly well in heat treatment and you have absolutely no need for water. You can blot the meat with a paper towel before cooking and send it off to roast without a problem. Marble beef has enough temperature at 55°C to kill all the bacteria, so both your favorite Medium roast will stay and the bacteria will die. All are saved!

When is it worth rinsing the meat ?

There are situations where you can bend the rules a little bit, yes. If suddenly on a piece of meat you saw dirt, chips, sawdust, it is better to do so – quickly rinse under a stream of ice water, immediately wipe dry with a paper towel. Then throw the towel away and wash your hands with soap and water under hot water for at least 10 seconds.


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