Why is an avocado bitter and can I eat it?

Bitter Avocado

Avocados are a favorite food for many people. It is consumed for no reason. It is also used in salads, meat and other dishes. The fruit is very good for the body. But some people note the presence of an unpleasant bitterness.

The benefits of avocados for the human body

Avocado is a very caloric fruit. One fruit measuring about 200 grams contains 320 calories. Therefore, those who are sitting on a diet, it is better to give it up or consume it in small quantities. The fruit is rich in the presence of valuable substances. It contains vitamins K, C, E, B5 and B6, folic acid, potassium, zinc, iron, manganese, copper, carotene. Omega-3 fatty acids are also present. There are oleic and pantothenic acids.

The composition of the avocado is balanced. This fruit helps to support the metabolism and improves health in general. Avocados have the following effects on the body: normalizes intestinal microflora, reduces the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, normalizes blood pressure, eliminates inflammation. If you eat avocados regularly, you can prevent myocardial infarction, decreased kidney function and stroke. This fruit also prevents the development of cancer. Therefore, it is recommended to include it in your diet for those who are prone to cancer.

Reasons for the bitter taste of avocado pulp

Avocados come in many varieties. There are oval, rounded fruit, small (about 200 g) and large, reaching 1.5 kg. The fruit is also classified by color. There is an avocado green, dark green up to the presence of the black shade. In stores they usually sell a medium-sized green fruit. There should be no bitterness in a quality fruit (regardless of its type). The flesh of the fruit acquires this taste for a variety of reasons. You need to know why avocados are bitter. This will help you understand whether you can eat it or better to throw it away.

Common causes of bitterness:

  • The fruit is not ripe.
  • The fruit is overripe.
  • The flesh has been heat treated.
  • The fruit has gone bad.

Now consider each situation separately.

The avocado is not ripe

If an avocado was harvested early, its flesh will be bitter. An underripe fruit is very easy to identify. The fruit will be hard and smooth, with a light green color. When you shake it, you won’t hear a pit. When peeling an unripe fruit, the top skin will be hard to remove. When ripe, the fruit should peel off. The flesh will be pale green.

Fortunately, the fruit can ripen. To do this, you need to leave it on the table for a couple of days. To speed up the process of ripening the fruit as much as possible, it should be wrapped in paper. If the fruit has been cut, then it should be put in the refrigerator. The ripening period will increase to several days.

But all the bitterness will go away. If it was peeled, then you should cut it into small pieces, sprinkle them with lemon and put them into a plastic container with a lid. It should be stored in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf. Ripe avocado is a rich dark green color. Its skin is soft. Pressing it will make indentations.

The avocado is overripe

An overripe avocado may also have a bitter taste in the flesh of an overripe avocado. To the touch, the fruit will be very soft. The skin may have yellowish or dark brown spots. The flesh of an overripe fruit is loose and separates from the skin. The product is considered spoiled and unfit for consumption. The fruit can become overripe if stored too long in the store or at home. Such an avocado can not eat, but can be used to make facial masks. If the fruit is black, then it is a sign that it is completely spoiled. It is no longer good for anything.

Heat Treatment

Baked avocado A pronounced bitterness in the flesh occurs as a result of a very long heat treatment. For example, there are recipes for baked chicken and avocado. Under the influence of high temperatures, the fruit loses most of the useful micronutrients. The tannin, when destroyed, begins to become bitter. When baked in the oven, even good quality and well matured fruit will have a slight bitterness. Spoiled Avocado

Spoiled Avocados

If stored improperly, it will go bad quickly. The main signs are brown and black spots. The fruit should not be stored where it will be exposed to direct sunlight. Also, do not keep avocados near a radiator or stove. The best place to store it is in a refrigerator.

Can I eat avocados if they are bitter?

If the bitterness of the flesh is a consequence of spoilage, it is not recommended to eat such a fruit. This can lead to digestive problems and poisoning. If the bitterness arose due to a long heat treatment, then you can eat avocados. But if the unpleasant taste is pronounced, then it is unlikely that someone will want to eat such a dish. If the bitterness is insignificant, then it can be masked. For example, lemon juice is a good way to remove this taste.


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